Cyber Risk Consulting

Identify your Cyber Risks

Garrett Group Information Security

Policy, procedure and technical assessments are all critical to gain a better understanding of your cyber resiliency  

Custom Risk Assessment

Industry / Organization tailored risk assessment aimed at providing accurate description of internal and external risks

Vulnerability Assessment

System | Network vulnerability assessment targeted at providing actionable identification of vulnerabilities and reasoning to harden defenses

Critical Asset Analysis

Assist organizations identify critical points | systems in their infrastructure to better understand security risks


Business continuity 

Assist clients in reviewing | creating Business Continuity plans | policies to ensure continuity of operations

Disaster Recovery

Assist clients in reviewing | creating Disaster Recovery plans | policies to ensure that the IT services are recoverable in the event of a disaster

Cyber Insurance Assessments

Provide expert consulting to clients on both sides of cyber insurance policies, assessing cyber risks, and ensuring policies meet the risk transfer needs


Incident Response

Provide remediation guidance based on type of infection and on-site | remote incident response to ensure that malware artifacts are no longer present in production systems

Penetration Testing

Conduct Penetration Testing for clients to show how attackers can leverage different vulnerabilities within their infrastructure, and how to better employ defense in depth

Compliance assessments

Assist clients in reviewing current policies | programs | systems to ensure they are compliant with their respective industry



Forensic Analysis

Provide forensic analysis to determine what actions have occurred and how information was accessed, modified, created, or stolen.